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Summer Institute 2014
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Registration & General Information

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The HGSA Education Program offers three Certification Programs, a Ministerial Program, and classes for continuing education and personal development. It is designed to provide a quality instructional and spiritual experience for interested seekers. Our nationally known Spiritualist Educational Program draws students from all over the U.S. to attend. Students who come through our education program are held in high regard for their professionalism and well-grounded spiritual abilities. Institutes are held three times a year; over weekends in November and April and weeklong each July.

Student participation is a large part of our educational program and there are numerous opportunities to develop and practice. Our Certification Programs and Requirements can be found online here. Further details on our classes and programs are found in our Certification Requirements Brochure. This is available on request and is available at the HGSA Education Office.

The HGSA faculty and mediums that serve as instructors are carefully selected to provide the best learning experience possible. The instructors will conduct a variety of circle activities and evening workshops and many will be available for private appointments. Evening activities are open to all interested individuals but it is recommended that reservations be made in advance to ensure space availability. Details on mediums, dates and times will be available at the Education Office prior to Institute.

Education counselors are available to provide assistance in selecting classes, counseling regarding certification and the transfer of units or papers. All requests for transfer of units must be submitted to the Director of Education and be approved by members of the Education Committee. Contact the Director of Education for additional information.

Instructor, Rev. Arlene Raedel
preparing her Teepee classroom for Spring Institute 2010
Spring Institute Class held in a Teepee



Noncredit Classes

Noncredit classes can be applied to the Spiritual Studies Certificate Program or taken as electives for personal growth and spiritual development.

Requirements for Certification

If you would like additional information regarding our classes and certification, the Certification Requirements and Course Descriptions, please contact the Director of Education, Rev. Monica Neville at Mmneville@aol.com.


Motel and RV Information

Credit Cards



Motels that are within 15 minutes of the Grove:

Best Western .................760-740-1700
Comfort Inn ...................760-489-1010
Holiday Inn Express .......760-741-7117
Palms Inn .......................760-743-9733
Rodeway Inn ..................760-746-0441
Super 8 Motel ................760-747-3711
Escondido RV Resort .....800-331-3556



Instructor Circles <> Open to the Public

The Instructor’s Circle is open to the public and is a continuation of the instruction program. Suggested donation is $20.00, students $15.00, and will be collected at the door. Credit card arrangements must be made in the Education Office prior to the circle. The circle begins promptly as scheduled, ending time is approximate. Congenial and respectful conduct is expected.

Student Psychic Fair <> Open to the Public

The Student Psychic Fair is open to the public. There is a $15.00 donation that includes up to five (5) Student Readings and/or Healings as time permits. Readings will be approximately 10 minutes. All students taking classes for credit are required to participate at the Fair. Bring any materials you need for Psychic Fair.

Private Readings

Appointments for private readings must be scheduled through the office. Please be prompt for appointments. Private readings are $40 for 30 minutes.

NOTE: Harmony Grove is located in a rural setting with limited amenities. It is recommended that students come prepared with a flashlight for evening activities, flexible and comfortable clothing for weather changes and bring any materials you need for class or for the Psychic Fair. It is also recommended that all students bring at least one change of clothing that is professional and would be acceptable for platform, healing and/or Psychic Fair work.



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Rev. Fran Monroe
Student Fair

PLAN AHEAD FOR 2014-2015
FALL INSTITUTE No Classes in the Fall

HGSA Education Committee 2014
Director of Education: Rev. Monica Neville

Rev. Jean Avila
Anne Birkhoff
Rev. Bobbie Coughlin
Rev. Christine Dreher
Rev. Dr. Julia Kyle
Rev. Donna Lopez

Rev. Coy Johnston
Rev. Wanda Parsell
Rev. Arlene Raedel
Rev. Carol Reed
Rev. Pamela Winn
Rev. Roy Winn


Q.  How many affidavits would you recommend I earn?

A. We suggest you earn as many positive affidavits as possible.  You may choose which ones to use to qualify for your certificates. The minimum required is five (5) for Healing and five (5) for Mediumship.   At the time of certification, all affidavits not used will be given back to the student.  If a more worthy affidavit is received at some time in the future, the affidavit may be substituted for ones kept on file.

Q.  How do I track my participation in services?

A.  Each student is responsible for maintaining a record of services they participate in.  A student may request a Participation Log from the Education Office.    If the student chooses to individualize the format, make sure it contains all the necessary information.

Q. What information is important to have on the Participation Log?

A.  It is important to have the following information given legibly:  student name, type of service, date of service, place of service, name and contact information of the presiding minister

Q.  Do I need to get someone to verify my participation in services outside of HGSA?

A. Yes, service participation outside of HGSA needs to include the legible signature and contact information of the presiding Minister.  This may be included in your Participation Log.



Q. What is an affidavit?

A.  An affidavit is a statement written by a recipient of either a healing or a message given by a student worker.  It verifies a positive effect of the healing or the accuracy in mediumship of the reading received.

Q.  How are affidavits obtained?

A. At Institute services, the recipient of a healing or message will have an opportunity to submit an affidavit to the designated instructor.  At the Institute Student Psychic Fair, affidavits will be at the sign-in table with a designated instructor.  If a student is working away from HGSA, the presiding minister may request affidavit forms from the Director of Education prior to the service.  It is important for the validity of the process that the student is not the “carrier” of an affidavit to be used for certification purposes.

Q. How are the affidavits handled?

A. After a recipient submits an affidavit to the designated instructor at HGSA, it is placed in the student’s file in the Education Office until the student needs to review them for Certification.  To be used for certification, an affidavit must be dated within three years prior to the certification date.  If a presiding minister not at HGSA has requested the form, instructions for returning it to the Education Office are given at that time.



Q.  Do classes need to be taken in a particular order?  Do I have to finish healing classes before starting mediumship classes or can I take a mix of both?

A.  While there are classes with prerequisites, you can mix the two disciplines. See Certification Requirements and Course Description Brochure for prerequisites and preferred order of courses.  If you need further assistance to plan a schedule, contact the Director of Education.

Q.  Would you recommend taking classes for credit, even if I don’t want certification?

A.  Yes, because the required participation is very easy to complete at the time the class is taken. If a student doesn’t complete the requirements, credit for that class cannot be given at a later time.

Q.  I’ve changed my mind, and now I want certification.  What do I do?

A.  Our experience shows that people often change their minds.  At this point, the class must be re-taken as credit can’t be given retroactively.

Q. What help is available if I need extra help in a particular area?

A. Contact the Director of Education to discuss your needs. It is possible to set up tutoring or join an ongoing development class to get further practice.

Q. Do I need to bring anything with me to Institute, e.g., cards, pendulums?

A.  Contact the Education Office for specific materials required for a particular class. Bring anything you would like to use at the Student Psychic Fair. The Living Tree Bookstore will be open daily during Institute offering a wide selection of new and used spiritual books, classroom supplies, gifts and sundries.  Remember to bring suitable clothing for working at the services.

Q.  How do I submit my ideas/suggestions for Education?

A.  There is a student representative on the Education Committee. Give your ideas to her or send your suggestions directly to the Director of Education. In addition, evaluation forms at the end of each Institute provide space for student input.

Q.  Are scholarships available?

A. While there is no scholarship fund, the Education Program occasionally receives private donations to assist qualified students.  Qualified students are students currently enrolled and who have been working to finish a certification program.

Q.  Is there a student dress code?

A. Classroom attire can be respectfully casual. Appropriate service attire is defined in the student packet as professional business attire. 

Q.  Do I have to be a member of HGSA to take classes?

A.  No, you do not need to be a member to take classes.  They are open to seekers over the age of 18.  However, you do need to be a member to receive and maintain certification.

Q. If I’m going to be working on the platform, how far in advance should I expect to be told?

A. Always come prepared to work. On any given day you may be asked to serve.  Whenever possible, instructors will advise you ahead of time.However, advance notice is not always provided. Wise students heed the following statement in the brochure. It is recommended that all students bring at least one change of clothing that is professional and would be acceptable for platform, healing and/or psychic fair work. 

Q.  If I need a cabin for Institute, whom do I need to contact?

A. Rev. Dr. Julia Kyle, Director of Education takes Institute Reservations at (818-719-6547) or email.  For all other cabin rentals, contact the HGSA office (760) 745-9176.



Q.  Is there a process for transferring classes, and what do I need to do?

A. Yes, there is a process.  To initiate this process, you need to consult with the Director of Education.  Be prepared with transcripts of courses taken, course descriptions, hours spent, content, name and contact information of instructor, etc. 

Q.  When should I meet with the Director of Education to request transfer of classes?

A.  It is advisable to do it as soon as possible since most of the transferable classes are at the beginning levels. An exception would be a student who is holding equivalent papers to the A.M. Certificate and wishes to sanction in at HGSA for the remaining ordination work.

Q. Can I begin taking Associate Minister Classes before completing my Mediumship and Healing certificates?

A.  Mediumship and Healing certificates are prerequisites for the Associate Minister’s classes. However, overlapping studies may be approved at the discretion of the Director of Education.


Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association is open and receptive to new thoughts and progressive philosophies
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Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association assumes no responsibility or obligation regarding, and does not warrant either expressed or implied, the content and the materials presented in any séance, circle, class or workshop conducted on the premises.


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