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April 21, 22 & 23


Class Instructors
and Class Descriptions

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Students may take two classes during Spring Institute.  You may select one class for Friday and one class for Saturday.

To meet the criteria for class credit, participation in Student Services each day and Student Psychic Fair on Sunday the 23rd is required. Appropriate professional attire is expected.  Come prepared to participate.

Tuition:  $60.00 per class             

Friday, April 21 <> 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Meditation (G105 - 2 units)
This is a basic meditation class designed to explore the benefits and experience a variety of meditation techniques. An essential class for any level of student. This course is required for all certificates. Attendance at student activities is required for credit. Instructor: Rev. Jean Avila & guest facilitator Lupe Carter

Mental Mediumship (M202 - 2 units)
This class is a hands-on intermediate level class that focuses on developing message delivery for Spiritualist Worship services. (Billets, flower readings psychometry etc.) Students will learn the difference between Spirit greetings and Spirit readings. Attendance at student activities is required for credit. This is a required class for the Mediumship certificate. 
Instructor: Rev. Arlene Raedel

Lyceum Development (O406 - 2 units)
This class is designed to provide information on how to develop a Lyceum in a church and curriculum for children, along with the legal requirements of such programs. This class will also include hands-on activities for lesson development. This is a required class for the Ordained Minister Candidates only. Instructor: Rev. Glenn Haddick

Saturday, April 22 <> 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Overview of World Religions (G104 - 2 units)
Students will receive an overview of the fundamental teachings embraced in the Great Religions of the world and delve into the truths and commonalities of these various religions. In addition, students will explore how Spiritualism encompasses these teachings. Develop an understanding of and allow oneself to be inspired by a deeper love of God and humanity.  This is a required class for all certificates. Instructor: Rev. Arlene Raedel

Intermediate Healing Practices (H202 - 2 units)
A hands-on intermediate level class in Healing. Students will receive practical experience working with healing energies in Student Healing Services. Students must have previous coursework in healing such as the Intro or Beginning Healing classes at HGSA. Participation in services and student psychic fair is required for credit.  This is a required class for all certificates. 
Instructor: Rev. Jean Avila

Spiritual Leadership (O404 - 2 units)
Learn the responsibilities of being a minister and church leader. This class will discuss strategies and techniques to assist you in developing your own leadership qualities and the process of being involved in the spiritual community. Students must be enrolled in the Ministerial Program. This is a required class for Ordained Minister Candidates. Instructor: Rev. Coy Johnston

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For further information please contact the Director of Education at hgsaeducation@gmail.com. Please include your phone number and email on your inquiries and registration.

Harmony Grove is located in a rural setting with limited amenities. It is recommended that students come prepared with a flashlight for evening activities, flexible and comfortable clothing for weather changes and bring any materials you need for class or for the Psychic Fair. It is also recommended that all students bring at least one change of clothing that is professional and would be acceptable for platform, healing and/or Psychic Fair work.

Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association is open and receptive to new thoughts and progressive philosophies
of Spiritualism. If you are an ordained Spiritualist Minister and would like to serve at Harmony Grove:
Contact Us

Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association assumes no responsibility or obligation regarding, and does not warrant either expressed or implied, the content and the materials presented in any séance, circle, class or
workshop conducted on the premises.

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